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Your bees deserve premier hives, custom-designed for hive success, and that’s our specialty at West River Exchange! Here, novice and experienced beekeepers can find quality and sustainable beekeeping equipment.

From Hive to Harvest: Our Beekeeping Equipment Range

Welcome experienced and new beekeepers to your one-stop shop for everything bees. Discover our premier:

  • Hives,
  • Beekeeping suits,
  • Tools,
  • And honey extractor equipment.

We provide functional and durable tools for your apiary needs that will keep you going season after season.

Beyond the Hive: The West River Exchange Guarantee

Beekeeping isn’t a passive hobby. It’s a community of bee-lievers dedicated to supporting each other. At West River Exchange, we provide hands-on help for new beekeepers and ongoing support from the team to help our Ohio bee community thrive.

Your satisfaction with our bee supply equipment and hive kits is guaranteed!

Tailoring Your Toolkit: Selecting the Right Equipment

Healthy honeybee colonies and proper honey harvesting require the right equipment based on beekeeping goals and experience. Here are some of the customizations our quality products offer, which might be precisely what your hive needs!

  • Entrance reducer: Reducers maintain pleasant temperatures in the hive, help worker bees defend the hive, and more.
  • Hive divider: These inner covers are better used by experienced beekeepers with hives older than a year. The divider will start splitting the hive, potentially leading to more honey!
  • Waxed frame hive: Our selections of waxed frames help encourage proper honeycomb formation.

Nurturing Nature: Our Commitment to Sustainability

Beekeeping is an honorable, environmentally-friendly passion, and ethical beekeeping in the USA is our priority. That’s why we’ve designed our sustainable and long-lasting equipment to work in harmony with nature.

Remember, sustainable beekeeping requires purchasing durable and plastic-free hives and tools.

Learning the Ropes: Resources for Beekeepers

New beekeepers are buzzing with questions. Discover answers and community support at West River Exchange.

Are you confused about which Nuc colony to buy, need tips for bottling without beeswax, or choose between bottom boards? We're here to help you navigate all beekeeping tools.

Equipped with Knowledge: Answers to Your Questions

You better bee-lieve we’ve got the answers to your pressing bee questions!

What basic equipment do I need to start beekeeping?

The essential beekeeping supplies include:

  • A beehive (such as a Langstroth or Top-Bar hive),
  • A bee suit with a veil for protection, gloves,
  • A smoker to calm the bees,
  • A hive tool for inspecting frames,
  • And a bee brush.

West River Exchange offers starter kits that include these essentials, making it easy for beginners to get everything they need in one package.

How do I maintain and clean my honey bee equipment?

Regular maintenance of your beekeeping equipment, including protective gear and hive stands, is crucial for the health of your bees and the longevity of your gear. Wooden components like frames and hive bodies can be scraped clean of propolis and wax and occasionally treated with a non-toxic wood preserver.

Keep all stainless steel tools clean and dry to prevent rust. And be sure to wash protective clothing regularly. We also recommend replacing any damaged equipment promptly to ensure the safety and efficiency of your beekeeping practice.

Does West River Exchange offer any warranties or guarantees on equipment?

At West River Exchange, we stand behind the quality of our products. Most of our beekeeping equipment comes with a manufacturer's warranty that covers defects in materials and workmanship.

We also offer a satisfaction guarantee; if you're unhappy with your purchase, please contact us for a resolution. Your success and satisfaction as a beekeeper are our top priorities.

Supply Your Beekeeping Passion with West River Exchange

Your apiaries thrive with West River Exchange’s top honey bee equipment for sale in Ohio. Explore our range of customizable tools, and give us a ring with any and all bee-related questions.