Discover Nature’s Sweetest Secret

Natural, high-quality honey contains unique properties that soothe and rejuvenate. West River Exchange produces local, raw, unfiltered honey in Ohio made by the best little workers around—our honeybees!

The Unfiltered Truth: The Unique Quality of Our Honey

Most grocery store honey is filtered and treated to help it maintain a clear, beeswax-free appearance. The local honey available at West River Exchange is left perfectly raw. This raw form leaves it darker, preserving some bee pollen and helpful enzymes.

Local sourcing and natural processing methods ensure you receive gorgeous pure honey as it’s meant to be consumed!

Sustainable Sweetness: Ethical Beekeeping

Our beekeepers use only sustainable and ethical beekeeping practices. We never disturb bees or remove propolis and honeycomb during times of dearth (nectar scarcity) or stress. Our beekeepers support local ecosystems and bee populations by only harvesting ethically. We believe that ethical beekeeping makes the best honey and the ultimate sweetener!

Savor Health in Every Spoonful: The Benefits of Raw Honey

There are oodles of health benefits to consuming raw, unfiltered honey, including:

  • Antibacterial and antifungal properties
  • Sore throat support
  • Digestive healer
  • Excellent source of antioxidants
  • Raw honey nutrition

Our raw honey in Ohio gets a star rating for exemplary health benefits you just have to experience for yourself.

Honey-Inspired Delights: Tips for Culinary Creations

It’s easy to incorporate raw, unfiltered honey into your daily diet using the following recipe ideas and more:

  • Honey-roasted veggies
  • Coffee or tea sweetener
  • Topping for cinnamon rolls
  • Honey cake
  • As a rub on fish
  • In your coleslaw

Don’t use the grocery honey bear for your culinary concoctions; check out local honey instead. Share your finished products on social media and tag West River Exchange!

Oh Honey, We’ve Got Answers to Your Questions

Is your honey actually unfiltered?

You can rest assured that we produce our raw, unfiltered honey with the highest standards of natural purity and quality. Our beekeepers focus on sustainable practices that ensure the bees forage in healthy, chemical-free environments. Our USA-made apiary is home to happy beehives. This means our real honey is as natural and pure as it gets, straight from the hive to your home.

Can raw, unfiltered honey crystalize? What should I do if it does?

It's totally natural for unheated and untreated wildflower honey, clover honey, and varietal honey to crystallize over time! This crystallization doesn't mean the honey has gone bad; it's just a natural process.

To decrystallize, gently warm the honey by placing the container in warm water and stirring the honey until the crystals dissolve. Avoid using high heat as it can alter the honey's natural properties.

How should I store raw, unfiltered honey?

The best way to store raw, unfiltered honey is in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Fun fact: it doesn't need to be refrigerated! Refrigeration can actually accelerate the crystallization process. Keeping it in your pantry or a kitchen cabinet is ideal. Just ensure the container is tightly sealed to maintain its freshness.

Embrace the Pure Goodness of West River Exchange Honey

Find premium raw honey for sale in Ohio at West River Exchange, where ethical beekeeping meets delicious honey. Simply add our 100% pure, raw, unfiltered honey to your virtual checkout and prepare to receive the best honey around.