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Meet the Italian Honey Bee

They’re gentle and easy to work with—say hello to the Italian Honey Bee (also known as the apis mellifera ligustica)! These stellar bees are hardworking troopers who thrive in the Ohio climate.

At West River Exchange, we offer these bees as nucleus (NUC) colonies, ideal for beginners and experienced beekeepers. Level up your apiaries with lovely Italian nucs!

Gentle, Productive, Resilient: The Italian Honey Bee

Italian bees are impressive comb builders known for their remarkable honey production. Italian queen bees are consistent breeders and responsive to times of dearth. These busy bees are excellent foragers; while they fly less on overcast days, they are also less likely to swarm, making the Italian an excellent starter bee for new beekeepers.

This species of European bee is gentle, non-aggressive, and hygienic. You’ll be able to easily check nectar flow and help prep this type of bee for overwintering. The Italian honey bee loves the warm Ohio summers and is well-disposed to survive the cold winters.

Nuc Colonies: The Perfect Start to Your Adventure

Welcome, baby beekeepers! At West River Exchange, we love supporting those just starting their beekeeping journey. A great way to get started (or grow your apiary) is with a nuc colony.

These are miniature colonies consisting of five frames of bees. These frames have:

  • A brood (baby bees),
  • Honey,
  • Pollen,
  • Light propolis,
  • And other resources that your new bees need to grow.

We also offer packages of bees, which are a box of bees and a queen. This is a great option, too, but a nun colony contains all that bees need to thrive. This makes it much easier to get your bees set up for success!

Eco-Friendly and Thriving: Sustainable Practices

We’re dedicated to sustainable and ethical beekeeping practices. Here are some expert tips on maintaining healthy Italian honey bee colonies in alignment with Ohio’s (and surrounding states’) ecosystem:

  1. Shop local! (Don’t go importing some Russian bee hives to Ohio.)
  2. Let bees overwinter with their own honey.
  3. Harvest sustainably.
  4. Reach out with any questions.

Why West River Exchange is Your Go-To for Honey Bees

We. Love. Bees. And at West River Exchange, we only believe in breeding healthy, high-quality bees. Remember, a happy bee colony makes for thriving local pollination and top-notch honey production. That’s why we focus on the following:

  • Quality of bees: From Italian honey bees to Carniolan bees, our North American subspecies queen and worker bees are in tip-top shape.
  • Commitment to customer support: Beekeeping is a community effort, and we believe in supporting our beekeepers however we can. Have bee-related questions? We can help!
  • Dedication to sustainability: We don’t ship bees through the USPS for a reason. We are committed to sustainability and keeping local bees in local apiaries, using only environmentally friendly practices.

Resources and Support for Italian Honey Bee Keepers

At West River Exchange, we understand that beekeeping is a journey filled with learning and discovery. Whether you're just starting out or you're a seasoned beekeeper, questions and curiosities are a natural part of this fascinating hobby. That's why we've created a treasure trove of resources—just a click away!

Explore our educational center full of in-depth guides and how-tos, connect with fellow beekeepers through online community forums, and stay updated on the latest in beekeeping through newsletters and seasonal tips and tricks.

There’s a whole world of bee wisdom waiting for you—let’s embark on this beekeeping adventure together!

Your Italian Honey Bee Questions Answered

From antennae to abdomen, we’ve got all the bee knowledge for your bee questions.

What should I consider when introducing a nuc colony to my apiary?

When introducing a nuc colony, consider the location of your apiary, ensuring it's in a calm, sheltered area. Gradually acclimate the nuc to its new environment, carefully transferring the frames to your beehive. Monitor the colony closely for the first few weeks, provide supplementary feeding if necessary, and check for signs of Italian queen acceptance and brood production.

How do I maintain and care for Italian honey bee colonies?

Maintaining Italian Honey Bee colonies involves regular hive inspections to monitor health and productivity, managing space within the hive to prevent any swarming tendency, and ensuring they have enough food stores. It's also important to monitor for pests like tracheal mites or varroa mites and diseases and to provide treatment as needed.

Can I purchase Italian honey bees year-round from West River Exchange?

Our availability of Italian Honey Bee nucs varies seasonally and is subject to the bees' natural breeding cycle and successful brood rearing. We typically have nucs and package bees available for pickup in the spring and early summer. It's best to contact us directly for the most current availability information and to place orders or reservations.

Embrace the Buzz with West River Exchange

Few practices are more rewarding or enjoyable than caring for bees. Start a thriving bee hive with our Italian Honey Bee nuc colonies in Ohio. Embrace the journey of beekeeping, where each day brings new learning and a deeper connection with nature.

With our Italian Honey Bee nucs, you're not just starting a hive; you're nurturing a vital part of our ecosystem and joining a community of passionate beekeepers in Ohio. Begin your beekeeping adventure today, and discover the joys of watching your bees flourish under your care.

They will be ready for pickup in mid-May 2024.

As of right now our nucs will be available for pickup at our Strongsville location in May 2024. All sales are final and non-refundable as these items are immediately reserved and are limited quantities.

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