Author: jpatituce

What is Raw Honey? Understanding the Golden Elixir

Oh, do you mean liquid gold, ambrosia of the gods, nature’s perfect syrup? (Clearly, we’re big fans of raw honey.) The natural sweetener known as raw, pure honey is an almost magical food. The regular honey you’ll find at grocery stores doesn’t have half the benefits of true natural honey.  In this article, we’ll explain […]

Package Bees vs. Nucs

One of the most common questions new bee keepers ask themselves is whether they should purchase a package of bees or a nuc for their hive. We manage over 300 of our own hives all across Ohio and wanted to give you our take on these two different types of ways to start your first […]

Master Honey Extraction with Expert Tips and Equipment from West River Exchange

Introduction: Reaping the sweet rewards of beekeeping is an exciting milestone that requires a thorough understanding of honey extraction methods and the right tools to achieve a successful yield. Efficient honey extraction ensures the preservation of your hard-earned harvest and the health of your honey bees. At West River Exchange, we are committed to guiding […]

Ensure a Healthy Hive: Master Honey Bee Disease Prevention with West River Exchange

Introduction: A healthy hive is the foundation of successful beekeeping, and understanding honey bee health and disease prevention is crucial to encouraging population growth and honey production. As a beekeeper, it is your responsibility to care for these remarkable creatures and ensure that their well-being is always a priority. Familiarizing yourself with the potential disease […]

Savor the Hive’s Delights: Discover Unique Flavors of West River Exchange Honey Varietals

Introduction: For millennia, honey has captivated taste buds and remained a cherished sweetener, possessing unmatched natural flavor complexities. From ancient history to modern culinary endeavors, honey continues to delight and inspire. Today, we invite you on a journey to explore the remarkable world of honey varietals, with an emphasis on the exceptional honey products available […]